Arun Chhabra

Cofounder & CEO

Arun founded 8tree to disrupt the 3D scanning status-quo.  His goal is to make 3D scanning more accessible — commercially, technically and by simplifying the user experience.  Previously, during a 15-year career at Texas Instruments, Arun held a variety of engineering, sales and business development roles in the photonics, medical, telecom and consumer electronics segments.  Arun has an MBA (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania), an MSEE (University of Michigan) and a BSEE (Delhi College of Engineering, India).

Erik Klaas

Cofounder & CTO

Erik studied optical 3D metrology in Cologne Germany, focusing on interferometry and holography. He obtained his degree of Cologne University of Applied Science in 1990 after completing his thesis describing work with Breuckmann GmbH on color topometry. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects, first as a software developer, then as project manager and finally in research and development for optical metrology methods. In 2001 he became head of the development department, while also supporting the development of the sales organization in the US. During this time the product portfolio was broadened by introducing the faceSCAN, stereoSCAN, smartSCAN, naviSCAN and finally the b-Inspect System, a specialized scanner to inspect turbine blades on the shop floor.
In 2012 he founded the company 8tree in order to apply white-light-scanning in very easy to use application specific inspection systems with augmented reality based presentation of results.

Pia Böttcher

VP of Operations

Pia joined 8tree with a shared belief in the vision of easier-to-use 3D-scanners.  She brings a rigorous, process-based approach to managing customer engagements, defining strategy and improving the overall customer experience.  During the past 20 years, she has held a variety of project management, sales/marketing and business management roles in the machine-vision and life-sciences sectors.  Pia has an MBA (Warwick Business School) and a graduate-level degree in Computer Science (University of Applied Sciences Konstanz).

Hans Woerner

Development Manager

Hans studied Mechanical Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany, where he obtained his degree in the field of Applied Optics and Design and Production in Precision Engineering in 1992. His thesis described the construction and industrial use of a 3D laser scanner. In the following 20 years he gained professional experience in the field of 2D and 3D measurement. His stations included the field of automation of production lines inclusive implementing and approval, development of core components for the 2- and 3-dimensional measurement of a huge variety of items and management of customer specific development projects. During this time he gained a versatile profound knowledge of the whole value added chain in construction, electronics and software.

Jonas Eberhard

Development Engineer

Jonas loves to tackle problems with speed and a diligent eye on the user-experience.  That’s no surprise – he’s led electro-mechanical design teams on a Formula racecar team, and enjoys working with stage electronics that power the audience experience. Jonas has a B.Eng. in Electronics and IT and an M.Eng. in Electronics Systems, both from the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz.  At 8tree, his role as a development engineer combines his passion for technology and its applications.

Howard Chung

Applications Engineer

Howard thrives when working with customers. He has a keen eye for improving structural inspection processes and enhancing safety standards in a variety of industrial sectors. He holds two aerospace engineering degree (B.S. and M.S.) from Virginia Tech (USA). Previously, Howard built his research experience in the development of smart materials, particularly in the application of energy harvesting and structural health monitoring. Currently, he provides technical and business support to 8tree’s customers in the Americas, and around the world.

Mariam Mahmoud

Software Developer

Mariam is passionate about image processing and computer vision. She specialized in these fields during her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at University of Applied Sciences, Würzburg and University of Konstanz, respectively.
At 8tree, she enjoys solving 3D problems, optimizing the scanning workflow and enhancing the overall user-experience.

Keith Li

Applications Engineer

Keith delights in solving stubborn problems with a combination of persistence and patience.  Of course it helps that he can leverage his two mechanical engineering degrees – B.S. (University of Kansas, USA) and M.S. (Southern Methodist University, USA).  Previously, Keith built his research experience in electromechanical projects, specifically in the fields of Control System Design and Analysis.  Currently, he provides engineering support to 8tree’s customers in the Americas.

Paul Ehrhardt

Applications Engineer

Paul enjoys using simple storyboards to effectively convey complex topics.  He honed his engineering communication skills in prior aerospace industry roles, where he was responsible for presenting detailed technical information to stakeholders at all levels of the customer organization.  He rounds out his technical degrees – Bachelor’s in Mechantronics (University of Dresden) and Master of Science (École Central Paris) – with professional fluency in multiple language including English, French and German.  This combination of technical and cultural sensitivity enables Paul to bridge interactions between customers and 8tree’s R&D team.

Steven Grundman


Steven Grundman is the founder and Principal of Grundman Advisory, a professional services company that guides strategic management in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. He is also the M.A. and George Lund Fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC, where his practice addresses over-the-horizon challenges facing the transatlantic defense establishment, its militaries, ministries, and industries. Before that, he was director of aerospace and defense consulting and of transportation consulting at Charles River Associates, a global business consultancy. In the 1990s, Mr. Grundman served in a succession of appointments at the US Department of Defense culminating in his assignment as deputy under secretary for industrial affairs and installations. In the first decade of his professional career, Mr. Grundman served in the US Army’s First Armored Division, as a consular and diplomatic officer in the US Foreign Service, and in the executive office and on the research staff of the Center for Naval Analyses. He holds academic degrees from Georgetown University and Harvard University.