dentCHECK empowers aircraft maintenance technicians by providing objective and consistent dent-inspection results, within seconds. This reduces aircraft Turn-around-Time (TaT), which in turn reduces lost revenues and improves operational efficiency for airlines. dentCHECK enhances safety through an improved understanding of airframe reliability. Learn More


An all-in-one solution for quickly measuring fastener flushness with real-time visual feedback, allowing QA (Quality Assurance) teams to identify flushness non-conformity, right on the assembly line. fastCHECK delivers analysis of fastener flushness and angle at the push of a button – quickly, consistently and objectively. Learn More


Wrinkles in composite laminates have a negative impact on blade lifetime. If not detected early, they can cause failure of wind turbine blades. waveCHECK uses optical light detection algorithms to help turbine blade manufacturers identify critical defects with improved confidence. The “Go/no-go” visual feedback helps to make quick repair recommendations. waveCHECK saves repair time, reduces repair costs and results in improved reliability of manufactured blades.


compareCHECK contrasts manufactured parts against references. It is the perfect solution to provide deformation analysis pre-/post-processing (e.g. after heat treatment) and the quality of welding processes.


stepCHECK delivers accurate 3D measurement and instant analysis of step height, parallelism, and flushness finish between adjacent surfaces. Using the augmented reality reprojection of results, operators can visualize surface alignment non-conformity and identify corrective actions, right on the shop floor. With stepCHECK, inspection of surface alignment GD&T requirements becomes easier (Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing).