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Tick-tock, tick-tock. Accelerate Aircraft Inspection, Avoid Delays and Save Money

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At the recent 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC), dentCHECK helped participating technicians complete an inspection task 8x faster, delivering higher efficiency when compared to using traditional manual methods. In addition, leading maintenance organizations reported that dentCHECK helps engineers create SRM-compliant digital reports up to 10x faster.

In a real-life aircraft maintenance scenario, the goal is to minimize aircraft downtime, while delivering high quality repair work. A complete inspection process for the dent-mapping event included the following: Identify the dent to be measured, then obtain high quality measurements, and finally with confidence, determine ‘Go/No-Go’.

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Make better decisions with measurements you can trust

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Passersby couldn’t ignore the significance of data emerging from the recent 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition (AMC) #AMCAero.  It is tough to ignore that traditional manual measurements have 18x poorer measurement certainty than 8tree’s OEM-approved dentCHECK tool. In contrast, by delivering significantly higher consistency, dentCHECK empowers engineers to recommend conclusive corrective action for damage. Read on for the revealing analysis…

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How Did 100 Different Manual Measurements Stack Up?

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What do you uncover by analyzing hundreds of manual measurements of the same surface? The Truth. 8tree conducted the world’s most comprehensive study of dent-mapping in the aviation sector, at the recently concluded 2019 #AMCAero. The data reveals a simple truth – traditional manual measurements are highly subjective, error-prone and up to 37x less consistent than 8tree’s OEM-approved dentCHECK tool. The ability to accurately, consistently and quickly measure aircraft damage has a very direct impact on aviation efficiency and safety.

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Aircraft hail-damage: What tools will aircraft maintenance crews use for the job?

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What does an aviation technician do when their aircraft is pummeled by hail?

To contrast traditional methods vs. emerging technology, more than 150 engineers, technicians, and students participated in a dent-mapping competition at the recent 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. 80 teams were greeted by eight simulated dents on two airframe panels. Working under real-world time pressure and conditions, the teams had to accurately determine the ‘go/no-go’ status of the damage. Participants were tasked with mapping the dents using traditional methods, and then with 8tree’s purpose-built dentCHECK tool.

At every stage of the competition, dentCHECK surpassed participants’ expectations, while laying bare the inconsistencies associated with manual measurements. By the conclusion of the event, dentCHECK had become the dent-mapping tool-of-choice for participating teams.

But why? In the coming weeks, we will dive into the results of the world’s most comprehensive study of aviation dent-mapping.

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