How Did 100 Different Manual Measurements Stack Up?

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What do you uncover by analyzing hundreds of manual measurements of the same surface? The Truth. 8tree conducted the world’s most comprehensive study of dent-mapping in the aviation sector, at the recently concluded 2019 #AMCAero. The data reveals a simple truth – traditional manual measurements are highly subjective, error-prone and up to 37x less consistent than 8tree’s OEM-approved dentCHECK tool. The ability to accurately, consistently and quickly measure aircraft damage has a very direct impact on aviation efficiency and safety.

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2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition

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What does an aviation technician do when an aircraft is pummeled by hail? At the recently concluded 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition, 8tree conducted the world’s most comprehensive study of aviation dent-mapping measurements to contrast traditional manual measurement practices with the latest maintenance technology being deployed by airlines worldwide. Dig into the results to understand how aviation technicians are becoming more accurate, more consistent and more efficient at getting aircraft back in service.

8tree at Startup-Lounge Bodensee

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140 participants networked at the Startup Lounge #19

The Konstanzer Neuwerk was full of innovative talents and creative minds on Tuesday. Numerous founders from the whole Lake Constance region were represented. A good sign that the spirit of entrepreneurship has ignited at Lake Constance! Follow the link to learn more about the Startup Netzwerk Bodensee (link in German)

Photos: Niklas Spiegler