Unlike most other inspection systems, an 8tree system is fully self-contained and portable – just one box in a compact and light weight form-factor. All you need is in there. Nothing more is needed to operate it – no power supply, no cables, no monitor, no keyboard. Just press the blue button and within one second* the result is clearly projected on the part, coloured in red, green or blue to tell you what’s in and what’s out of tolerance.

(*) OK, not all of the modules are that fast yet. But we are working on it. Some product modules may take a few seconds longer to give you the pass/fail results.


We believe in Usability Engineering. We think of ways to hide all the complexity of a traditional 3D scanning and image processing system so that it’s simple for the operator to use – as simple as taking a photo with your cell phone. This includes automatically checking for brightness, distance, movement, contrast, reflection etc.

The key to ease-of-use is the User Interface. Our vision required new ways to operate an inspection system. Instead of a keyboard, the scanner is controlled with buttons on the housing, or a small remote control (like a TV set). There are no complex menus to navigate or boxes to fill in order to change settings. If a new setting is required, simply present one of our credit-card sized QR codes to the camera and you are done!

Transferring the result data is equally as easy: simply plug in a USB stick or drive and all the underlying data will transfer automatically. Alternatively, data can automatically be transferred wirelessly to any location you choose – all you need to do is push a button!


The response time of a system is one of the key things to consider when taking into account Usability Engineering during design. Thanks to Jakob Nielsen’s seminal work in this field, here are some lessons we have learned:

“…there are three important limits to device response times: 0.1 second for immediate response, 1 second for uninterrupted user workflow, and 10 seconds for keeping a user’s attention.”

That’s why we make every effort to ensure that each 8tree system gives you a result within 1 second, and definitely always in less than 10!


We do everything to improve the ease-of-use, speed, and portability of our applications. But we will never compromise the quality of our measurements. Our performance has been approved by the LNE, the French National Lab for Metrology & Testing. We are proud to say that dentCHECK delivers a depth measurement uncertainty of +/- 50 µm and fastCHECK produces an even tighter flushness uncertainty of +/- 12,5 µm (2 sigma confidence level). These numbers convinced Airbus to use the systems for manufacturing purposes (listed in their AITM).

The numbers can be also proven on a daily basis with the help of our validation reference boards: machined dents and fasteners that are measured by PTB-certified labs (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) and then serve as the ground truth for a quick check.

To guarantee this performance, each 8tree system comes with a Certified Traceability Report that proves the measurement quality.

Actionable Results

Augmented Reality! What is that? Although, it’s a common term in consumer electronics, AR is only starting to appear in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. AR-based “projection of results” onto the inspected surface has been an integral feature of every 8tree system ever since we shipped our first system a few years ago.

8tree’s 3D inspection tools use AR in such a manner that we’re able to make you work more efficiently and reliably while ensuring that the technology bends to your needs:

  • To make the computer monitor obsolete
  • To give immediate & actionable feedback on the physical part
  • To create an easy-to-understand link between the part geometry and the representation of results

Left: Damage Aircraft Surface, as seen and marked up by technician / Right: Dent-Mapping via Augmented Reality, as measured by dentCHECK