High-Precision Wrinkle Analysis with instant Visual Feedback

waveCHECK is a handheld-portable 3D-inspection tool for wind turbine blade manufacturing. Its touchless detection and instant wrinkle analysis revolutionize blade inspection. The user-centric design allows for quick deployment in existing workflows: 1-Button Operation, zero Post-Processing.

What can it detect?

waveCHECK empowers manufacturing teams to quantify wrinkles with unprecedented precision and repeatability.

Detects & displays –

  • Positive, Negative & Step wrinkles
  • Highest point; shortest distance to edge, in blade direction
  • Critical ratio H/2W
  • Angle of wrinkle with respect to direction of the blade
  • Works on carbon fibre and glass fibre surfaces

What to expect

  • Industry-leading Repeatability & Accuracy
  • No Subjectivity – Take out the Guess Work!
  • Sets the Benchmark for Gage R&R Scores
  • Far Exceeds Quality of Traditional Methods (e.g. comb-gauge)
  • Enjoy the Simplicity of a Camera & the Accuracy of a Scientific Instrument

Extract of a Wrinkle Inspection report

Results are projected directly on to the blade