High-Precision Surface Inspection

waveCHECK™ is a handheld-portable 3D-inspection tool for inspecting wind turbine blades in manufacturing and operation. Its efficient detection of surface defects and instant visual feedback revolutionize surface inspection.

Applications –

  • Waves and Wrinkles
  • Steps between core material panels and/or pre-fabricated components
  • Gaps between core material panels during lay-up
  • Flaws in paint/top coat
  • Chamfers, e.g. of bond line edges
  • Rain Erosion
  • Any other surface damage that is reflected in the surface topology/topography


Surface Analysis with zero Post-Processing

waveCHECK’s powerful detection and instant analysis revolutionize blade inspection. The user-centric design allows for quick deployment in existing workflows: 1-Button Operation, zero Post-Processing.

White Paper: Inspection Technologies

Learn more about the possibilities and limitations of different inspection methods in the quality control of wind turbine rotor blades.

Download White Paper

Market-proven Waviness Analysis with instant visual feedback

waveCHECK is a first-of-its-kind solution for end-to-end digital analysis of composite waviness. It empowers manufacturing teams to quantify composite waviness with unprecedented precision and repeatability.

Detects & displays –

  • Positive, Negative and Step waves & wrinkles
  • Highest point; shortest distance to edge, in main fiber direction
  • Aspect ratio
  • Angle of wave with respect to main fiber direction
  • Works on carbon fiber and glass fiber surfaces


What to expect from waveCHECK?

  • Industry-leading Repeatability & Accuracy
  • No Subjectivity – Take out the Guess Work!
  • Sets the Benchmark for Gage R&R Scores
  • Far Exceeds Quality of Traditional Methods (e.g. comb-gauge)
  • Enjoy the Simplicity of a Camera & the Accuracy of a Scientific Instrument

How can we help you?

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Johannes Georg Leib
Program Manager Wind, 8tree

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