8tree’s Guiding Principles

Every single application, system, tool by 8tree, has to comply with 5 guiding principles.

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8tree in 2021

  • Los Angeles Area & Dallas (US), Konstanz (Germany), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Global footprint and reseller network, covering North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, ASEAN countries, Australia
  • more than 100 systems manufactured & shipped
  • performance recognized by large aircraft OEMs and tool of choice by many large aviation MROs
  • 5 different products, established in 5 different industry sectors

Executive Board

When Erik Klaas and Arun Chhabra meet in 2009 – both with decades of experience in the 3D scanner business – they see the opportunity for advancing the technology and for simplifying user experience. The market is ripe for a commercial disruption which will enable broader adoption. They recognize that the combination of their ideas is more likely to succeed than either one alone. Learn more

Cofounder & CEO

Cofounder & CTO

VP of Operations


History & Awards

2020 – dentCHECK: OEM approval for DeHavilland / new product launched: waveCHECK
2019 – system # 100 shipped to customer – opening new office in Malaysia
2018 – additional OEM approvals by Boeing and BOMBARDIER
2017 – first OEM approval for dentCHECK, by Airbus
2016 – RnD center moves to Neuwerk in Konstanz, larger office space for growing team size
2015 – first dentCHECK system sold
2014 – first fastCHECK system sold, first reseller contracted
2013 to 2016 – Winner of several start-up and innovation awards
2012 – founded by Erik Klaas & Arun Chhabra in Germany and the US

Cooperations & Partners


  • K-Tech – specialist in manufacturing & assembly of special parts and customer-tailored solutions
  • Martin Wollny – electronics development & assembly
  • University of Konstanz / Prof. Haussmann – development of 3D software algorithms: Kormoran Technologie
  • John Wright – acknowledged product designer
  • Steven Grundman – strategic advisor


Do you want to be part of a dynamic, young company? Are you ready to reshape how traditional industries solve problems? Are you interested in leading-edge topics like 3D imaging, augmented reality, cloud computing and artificial intelligence?

Then 8tree might be the right place for you. We are always looking for new talent! Learn more