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Automation & Hardware Integration

You will find 8tree’s inspection tools in – the hands of human operators, integrated into robotic automation cells, drones, crawling robots, cable-suspended camera systems…the list goes on.

8tree’s real-time AI/ML-driven sensor and analytics are readily available on a variety of different ‘automation vehicles’.

Robot Integration

All 8tree products are automation-ready. Our tools can be seamlessly integrated in automated production lines and quality control landscapes.

8tree offers full-service automation packages taking care of the mechanical and electrical integration, as well as integrating the product into your IT-ecosystem.

Leading Aerospace OEMs/Tier1s worldwide rely on 8tree’s fastCHECK as an end-effector on their robotic production lines.

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Automation setting with industrial robot HORST from fruitcore robotics and fastCHECK.

Iris 3D drone by Donecle and 8tree.

Drone Automation

Since 2016, 8tree has been collaborating with industry-leading UAV companies, such as Donecle, to create automated flying versions of 8tree’s popular 3D surface inspection tools. Automated drones and real-time 3D surface inspection with instantly actionable results – sounds like a winning combination!

An automated Donecle drone equipped with 8tree’s dentCHECK has successfully completed a year-long field trial for inspecting French military aircraft.

Such a ‘flying dentCHECK’ holds significant promise to expedite commercial aircraft inspection and reporting after extreme hail events.

Learn more about the Iris 3D drone here.

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