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The tool you’ll need to accelerate damage-mapping

8tree’s dentCHECK tool is approved and recognized by all major aerospace OEMs. It is slashing dent-mapping/reporting times by 90%, while delivering unprecedented levels of measurement accuracy and SRM-compliant answers. dentCHECK is revolutionizing the speed with which airlines can inspect airframe damage caused by GSE collisions, bird strikes, hail or damages occurred in production. This reduces Turn-around-Time (TaT) and boosts operational efficiency.

The right tool for the job

Portable and cable-free, dentCHECK is suitable for inspecting damages at the line, in the hangar, on the tarmac, or at an AOG situation. The tool measures dents, bumps, lightning strikes and blend-outs on metallic or on composite surfaces.

Implementation of dentCHECK has allowed KF to improve accuracy, accelerate the damage mapping processes, and produce a digital record for our Engineers to utilize as they develop the repairs.

Gregg EvjenChief Operating Officer, KF Aerospace

Bring the airplane into the office

Streamline your record keeping with 8tree’s Damage Reporting Tool (DRT). It allows engineering teams to quickly create detailed SRM-compliant damage reports using inspection results from dentCHECK – all in less than 5 minutes! Easily measure critical distances, add coordinate symbols, or obtain cross-sections of damages with the DRT. This digital report can be submitted to OEMs as an auditable record.


Reduce Turn-around-Times by leveraging with 8tree’s service offer.
In collaboration with a global network of service partners, 8tree offers hail-damage assessments and nose-to-tail inspections during lease phase-in-out operations as a service.

Article: Large Area Hail Damage Mapping with dentCHECK

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Key features

Accurate and consistent

Measurement uncertainty of +/- 0.05 mm (Z-direction) and +/- 1 mm (XY-direction). Measurement performance validated time-after-time, resulting in approval of tool by several major aircraft OEM.

Fully integrated & networked

Self-contained and portable. No external power supply, or processors required to use the tool. Network your dentCHECK with 8tree’s latest 8cloud platform to share results easily.

OEM recognition

Approved by Airbus for all A3xx / Boeing SL compliant for all 7×7, MD and DC / BOMBARDIER NDTI compliant for all CRJ / De Havilland NDTI compliant for all Dash-8

Feature highlights

  • panoLite™ for large area mapping Learn more
  • Multi-Dent reporting: Measure distances between hundreds of dents in seconds and export critical measurements in a table format
  • Blend-out Assistant supports your remaining thickness measurement of blend-out surfaces with automatic grids visualized on the surface. It can also be interfaced with an ultrasonic thickness gauge. Learn more
  • 8cloud – A cloud-based platform for aircraft damage assessment. Learn more



MultiDent report


Blendout Assistant



Left: Damage Aircraft Surface, as seen and marked up by technician / Right: Dent-Mapping via Augmented Reality, as measured by dentCHECK

Who else is using dentCHECK?

Operators like yourself are already benefiting from using dentCHECK. Read their successes below. Testimonial & Resource Center

How can we help you?

We can’t wait to hear from you! We look forward to exploring how 8tree’s technology can facilitate your inspection requirements. Make sure to sign up for our Mailing List and follow 8tree on LinkedIn to learn more about our latest developments.

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Coming soon

Everything we do at 8tree is shaped by insights from our customers – the world’s leading MROs, Airlines and OEMs; our next-gen dentCHECK offering is no exception. By redesigning the tool around our successfully established measurement engine, we continue to build on our core principles of simplicity, usability and efficiency.

Arun Chhabra, CEO, 8tree

Want to know more?

Read our latest press release here or get in contact with Arun. 

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