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Is Rivet Pull-in a problem for you?

By 19. April 2016June 27th, 2021Insights

“Rivet Pull-In”
noun \ ˈri-vət ˈpu̇l-ˈin \
Deformation of metal skin due to rivet/fastener installation

8tree has a 1-button solution !

A new product module from 8tree now allows you to elegantly measure and assess rivet pull-in, by analyzing the sheet metal deformation around each rivet/fastener.

No more time-consuming and subjective dial-gage readings, where results depend on operator skill.

Just point and shoot. And watch the 8tree system check up to 40 fasteners all at once, while comprehending requirements of the Structural Repair Manual (SRM).

As with all 8tree products, this new capability is extremely easy to use. With a single click of a single button the result is projected onto your metal sheet in less than 2 seconds.

Functionality and measurement uncertainty now approved by Airbus !


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