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Avinxt integrates dentCHECK® in automated robotics system

By 22. November 2023dentCHECK, Newsroom, Press

8tree extends its automation inspection portfolio by partnering with Avinxt for robotic aviation inspection system.


8tree’s 3D inspection engines can be found in the hands of human operators, mounted on drones, and integrated into robotic automation cells.

The automatic robotics system from Avinxt for fully automated aircraft de-icing, washing and engine wash will debut at Avinor Oslo Airport (OSL), where the robot will be built in 2024.  The robot, which replaces the current manual and time-consuming processes, is faster,  more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than traditional methods.

“By integrating 8tree’s technology with our robotics system, we can scan aircraft for damage. The system performs aircraft surface inspections with extreme precision within a few hours, compared to manual processes that take several weeks. We believe this service will be in high demand from airlines and leasing companies as it will significantly reduce costs,” said CEO Ove Trøen of Avinxt.

“We are excited to work with Avinxt on this very novel robotic inspection concept”, said Erik Klaas, CTO and Co-Founder at 8tree. “Never before was it possible to automate aircraft inspection to this degree. We see a big potential not only in the case of hail damage assessment on the entire aircraft but also in cases where the aircraft changes ownership. This has always been an area with lots of debate which now can be resolved with an objective and quick process.”

The dentCHECK platform is the world’s only handheld-portable, completely wireless 3D scanner tool with integrated AR that is purpose-built for the aviation maintenance industry and recognized by all major aerospace OEMs. It can also be found integrated into drones and robotic automation cells. Leading Airlines & MROs across the Commercial, Military, Cargo and Business aviation sectors use 8tree’s dentCHECK tool and 8tree’s dentCHECK-as-a-service for mapping aircraft damage and creating detailed SRM-compliant digital damage reports.

With integrated AR, dentCHECK empowers the aircraft technician with instant, actionable measurements for critical airframe damage while boosting consistency (18x), accuracy (20x), efficiency (90% time-savings) and eliminating human-subjectivity, compared to traditional manual inspection methods.  dentCHECK delivers precision measurements ‘as simple as taking a photo’, and enhances safety through an improved understanding of airframe reliability.

Learn how dozens of airlines/MROs are using dentCHECK by reading our customer testimonials.

About 8tree
8tree tools, technology and services boost your production quality with precision 3D measurement that is as simple as taking a photo.
With built-in AR, 8tree’s tools empower operators of every skill-level to achieve accurate, consistent, and actionable inspection results within seconds.

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About Avinxt

Avinxt is building the world’s biggest robot powered by green technology and artificial intelligence that will reduce cost and carbon emissions for the aviation industry. Supported by Canrig and Siemens, the world’s largest robot from Avinxt will potentially replace the current manual and time-consuming processes for de-ice, wash, engine wash and technical inspection of aircraft. The first robot is expected to be in operation at Oslo Airport in 2024.

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