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Efficiency gains with dentCHECK –
Customer Case Studies

80% faster dent and buckle check during aircraft phase-in with dentCHECK.

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Using dentCHECK, we marked this task completed in one afternoon.
Otherwise ordinarily it would have taken almost a week.

Renata LopesTechnical Director at Fly Air41


reduced dent-mapping time
after hail storm

“Dent Mapping Efficiencies at Delta”
Case Study (2018)
by Delta TechOps and 8tree

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faster dent-mapping and reporting

“Making Dent Mapping Easy”
Case Study (2017)
by easyJet and 8tree

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faster dent-mapping and reporting

“MRO Efficiency Gains with dentCHECK”
Case Study (2016)
by TAP-M&E and 8tree

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faster inspection time

“dentCHECK vs. Traditional Methods: Largest dent-mapping study”
AMC (2022) by 8tree

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more consistent dent-depth

“dentCHECK vs. Traditional Methods: Worlds most comprehensive aviation dent-mapping study”
AMC (2019) by 8tree

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efficiency gains in dent-mapping
and reporting

„Damage-Mapping Efficiencies
with dentCHECK”
Case Study (2019)
by Allegiant Air and 8tree

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Aviation & Aerospace

Handheld Tools
dentCHECK – Aircraft Damage-Mapping Inspection Tool
fastCHECK – Airframe Fastener-Flushness Inspection Tool
stepCHECK – Panel Alignment Inspection Tool
Software & Service
dentCHECK – Damage Reporting Tool
8cloud – Cloud-based platform for Aircraft Damage Assessment
IRIS dentCHECK - Automated Dent Inspection

Wind Turbine Blades

waveCHECK – Precision Wrinkle Analysis
White Paper – Inspection Technologies for Wind Turbine Rotor Blades

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