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Aircraft hail-damage: What tools will aircraft maintenance crews use for the job?

By | Case Study

What does an aviation technician do when their aircraft is pummeled by hail?

To contrast traditional methods vs. emerging technology, more than 150 engineers, technicians, and students participated in a dent-mapping competition at the recent 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition. 80 teams were greeted by eight simulated dents on two airframe panels. Working under real-world time pressure and conditions, the teams had to accurately determine the ‘go/no-go’ status of the damage. Participants were tasked with mapping the dents using traditional methods, and then with 8tree’s purpose-built dentCHECK tool.

At every stage of the competition, dentCHECK surpassed participants’ expectations, while laying bare the inconsistencies associated with manual measurements. By the conclusion of the event, dentCHECK had become the dent-mapping tool-of-choice for participating teams.

But why? In the coming weeks, we will dive into the results of the world’s most comprehensive study of aviation dent-mapping.

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