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On demand dent-mapping

Aircraft Transitions?  Hail storm damage?
8tree’s Dent-Mapping Services can help. 

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Improve turn-around-time
End-to-end digitalized 
Eliminate operator subjectivity

Aircraft hail damage assessment 

We offer fixed-price, one-stop-shop solutions for damage assessment of hail damaged aircraft. Including OEM communication and sign-off.

No matter if it is AOG or parked aircraft.

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Dent and buckle checks 

Digitalize dent and buckle checks through aircraft transitions with dentCHECK-as-a-Service. 

Take out the guesswork (no more arguing around dent dimensions) and save ~80% time during the process.

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1-Click 3D dent-mapping 

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How can 8tree’s technology facilitate your inspection requirements?
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6. February 2024

“AMT Reader’s Choice Product Pick: dentCHECK”

6. February 2024

“8tree Scores with dentCHECK2, dentCHECK-as-a-Service”

6. February 2024

“Changing dynamics of aircraft inspection technology”