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Inspection of Wind Turbine Rotor Blade with waveCHECK

8tree Contracts DNV to Certify waveCHECK™

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waveCHECK – 8tree’s latest innovation for rotor blade inspection in the wind industry gets certified according to DNVs standard for wind turbine rotor blades (DNVGL-ST-0376).

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One year after formally introducing waveCHECK into the wind industry, 8tree has engaged DNV for the product’s certification according to established industry standards.

“During the past swaveCHECK in use in wind turbine rotor blade manufacturingeveral years we have learned from stakeholders and experts in the wind industry, that waves and wrinkles in the load-carrying composite structure of wind turbine rotor blades are a critical problem,” said Erik Klaas, 8tree’s CTO. “The accurate and objective evaluation of waves and wrinkles helps blade producers build higher quality blades and reduce the risk of failure during operation. As the industry’s interest in waveCHECK continues to grow, we believe that obtaining DNV certification will be an important milestone on our journey to enabling the renewable energy market.”

“The improvement of quality and reliability of rotor blades is an important topic in the wind industry and we are happy to see that new technologies that support wind turbine blade manufactures are entering the market,” said Ramakrishna Parasarampuram, Head of Section Rotor Blades at DNV. “Certification of 8tree’s waveCHECK will include assessment of the system’s hardware, software as well as the scanning process itself and its boundaries.”


About 8tree

“We make precision 3D measurement as simple as taking a photo.”

With this vision in mind, 8tree makes 3D optical surface inspection tools that solve chronic problems for multiple industries. 8tree’s products empower every operator – from mechanics on the floor, to engineers in the lab – with instantly actionable precise measurements, portability and performance. With its patented user-centric product design, instant ‘go/no-go’ answers and zero-learning curve, 8tree is committed to making precision 3D scanning more broadly accessible – technically and commercially.

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waveCHECK is a first-of-its-kind solution for end-to-end digital analysis of composite waviness. It empowers manufacturing teams to quantify composite waviness with unprecedented precision and repeatability.
waveCHECK detects and displays

  • Positive, Negative and Step waves & wrinkles
  • Highest point; shortest distance to edge, in main fiber direction
  • Aspect ratio
  • Angle of wave with respect to main fiber direction
  • Works on carbon fiber and glass fiber surfaces

Learn more about waveCHECK by watching this short presentation video.



8tree’s Research & Development Center in Germany is now ISO9001 certified

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“Every crisis presents an opportunity. Although the aviation sector – one of 8tree’s core markets – was adversely impacted by the COVID-19, our intention was to emerge stronger coming out of the crisis. The ISO9001 certification sends a clear message to our customers and stakeholders saying ‘8tree is still here – stronger than ever,’” says Erik Klaas, 8tree’s CTO.

8tree performs R&D, product design and manufacturing in Constance, Germany. ISO9001 certification for this site took effect on March 19th 2021.

“Alongside the adoption of 8tree’s products by major OEMs, airlines and MROs like Airbus, Delta, SIAEC and Lufthansa Technik, the independent ISO9001 certification marks another significant milestone for us. The certification emphasizes that 8tree’s products are developed and manufactured under highest quality standards,” says Arun Chhabra, 8tree’s CEO.

Original Press Release
German Version

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Erik Klaas, CTO, 8tree and Pia Böttcher, VP Operations, 8tree with the ISO9001 certificate.

Erik Klaas, CTO, 8tree and Pia Böttcher, VP Operations, 8tree with the ISO9001 certificate.

Wind Turbine Blade Professional Johannes G. Leib joins 8tree

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8tree is excited to announce the addition of Johannes Georg Leib to its Business Development team. Prior to this new assignment, Johannes spent more than a decade in the wind-blade industry, applying his technical expertise and building his domain depth as Global Technical Program Manager at TPI Composites, as well as Project Manager & Senior Engineer at DNV GL. Learn more.


German Version of Press Release

8tree enters renewables sector with waveCHECK™, targeting wind turbine blade quality

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Following the growing success of its dentCHECK tool within the aerospace and aviation sectors, 8tree is pleased to announce the launch of its newest product – waveCHECK – a 3D inspection tool designed specifically for the needs of inspecting wind-turbine blades during and after production. Learn more.

8tree enters renewables sector

8tree enters renewables sector with waveCHECK™, targeting wind turbine blade quality

German Version of Press Release

Innovationprize awarded – 8tree recognized for continuous innovative strength

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8tree continues to be recognized for continuous innovations in its design of user-centric technologies that enhance quality and efficiency. The company’s dentCHECK tool – now the standard for damage-mapping within the aviation sector – was awarded the VR-Innovationprize. This was the 20th consecutive year in which the Baden-Württemberg Volksbank & Raiffeisenbanken awarded the prize. Learn more.

8tree receives Innovationprize

8tree receives Innovationprize

German Version of Press Release

Robert Zehnder joins 8tree to focus on BizAv Sector

Robert Zehnder joins 8tree to expand focus on BizAv sector

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8tree is delighted to announce the addition of Robert Zehnder to the company’s business development team. Leveraging his career in aviation maintenance, Robert will lead and grow 8tree’s presence in business aviation, building on the early momentum of 8tree’s dentCHECK tool within that sector. In addition, he will be responsible for strengthening 8tree’s global service network. Learn More.

Deutsche Pressemitteilung / German Version of Press Release

Aviation sector accelerates dentCHECK adoption – 150 units deployed across 3 dozen airlines, MROs and OEMs

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8tree’s dentCHECK tool continues to cement its position as the aviation industry’s de facto choice for damage-mapping. Nearly 150 dentCHECK tools are already in use at more than 3-dozen Airlines, MROs and OEMs worldwide, including deployments at LHT, Airbus, easyJet and Portugalia. In addition, compelling case-studies from leading airlines and MROs demonstrate that dentCHECK drastically reduces inspection and reporting times by up to 90%. Learn more.

Lufthansa Technik locks in on 8tree’s dentCHECK to expedite damage-mapping & reporting

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Lufthansa Technik, the world’s largest MRO, has selected 8tree’s dentCHECK tool to enhance the efficiency and quality of damage-mapping across all of its base maintenance facilities and in other product divisions. dentCHECK is the world’s only handheld-portable, completely wireless 3D surface inspection tool with integrated augmented reality, that delivers real-time ‘go/no-go’ SRM-compliant answers at the push of a single button. Defined by and purpose-built for the aviation industry, dentCHECK is now used by the world’s leading airlines, MROs and OEMs. Read more about it here.

Allegiant Air achieves 87% time-savings in dentCHECK tests

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At this week’s 62nd annual A4A NDT Forum in Long Beach, California, Allegiant Air presented a comprehensive case study detailing the impact of 8tree’s dentCHECK tool for inspecting and reporting damage during the aircraft induction process. The study, which spanned four aircraft and almost a hundred damage locations, demonstrated 87% time-savings when using dentCHECK, compared to traditional manual methods. Read more about it here.