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“It’s as easy as taking a photo”

Customer Testimonial


End-to-end digitalization


Bring the airplane into the office

1-Click 3D

Reduce turn-around-time with real-time go/no-go damage inspection.

The right tool for the job

Click & Go inspection for dents, bumps, lightning strikes on any surface.

  • Portable & Cable free
  • Used at the line, in the hangar, on the tarmac or in AOG situations
  • SRM-compliant
  • OEM-approved

1-Click SRM-compliant reports 

Use 8tree’s Damage Reporting Tool (DRT) to auto-populate critical distances, obtain cross-sections and more. All at your fingertip.

  • SRM-compliant damage reports in under five minutes
  • 3D measurement results and overview photo 
  • Gridding 

End-to-end digitalization with 8cloud 

Bring the aircraft into the cloud:
Seamlessly collaborate with remote teams to expedite aircraft damage disposition.

  • Digital record-keeping
  • Browser-based collaboration and SRM-compliant reporting 
  • RESTful API for seamless interface to other software like AMOS or TRAX
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Aircraft transitions? Hail storm damage? 

8tree’s dent-mapping service can help. 

  • On demand 3D dent-mapping
  • Improve Turn-around-time 
  • Hail-damage assessments, Lease transition support and more 

Who is using dentCHECK?

MROs, Airlines and OEMs use dentCHECK for – 

  • Lease transitions 
  • AOG 
  • Sustainment, Depot & Line 
  • P2F conversions 
  • Paint shop, FAL 

Read their compelling case-studies and testimonials. 

How can we help you? 

How can 8tree’s technology facilitate your inspection requirements? Tell us at the button below. 

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Everything we do at 8tree is shaped by insights from our customers – the world’s leading MROs, Airlines and OEMs; our next-gen dentCHECK offering is no exception. By redesigning the tool around our successfully established measurement engine, we continue to build on our core principles of simplicity, usability and efficiency.

Arun Chhabra, CEO, 8tree

Want to know more?

Read our latest press release here or get in contact with Arun. 

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